10 Types Of Games Outdoor

4 min read Jun 20, 2024
10 Types Of Games Outdoor

10 Types of Outdoor Games to Get You Moving and Having Fun

Are you tired of being cooped up indoors and wanting to get some fresh air and exercise? Look no further! Outdoor games are a great way to get moving, challenge yourself, and have fun with friends and family. Here are 10 types of outdoor games that you might enjoy:

1. Tag Games

Tag games are a classic outdoor activity that can be played with a group of people. The objective is simple: chase each other around and try to tag someone to make them "it." There are many variations of tag games, such as freeze tag, shadow tag, and blind man's tag.

2. Scavenger Hunts

Get ready for an adventure with a scavenger hunt! Create a list of items to find or challenges to complete, and see who can finish first. Scavenger hunts can be tailored to your environment, whether it's a park, forest, or even your own backyard.

3. Lawn Games

Lawn games are perfect for backyard gatherings or picnics. Try games like croquet, bocce ball, or horseshoes for a fun and relaxed outdoor experience.

4. Obstacle Course Racing

Get your heart racing with an obstacle course! Set up a course with challenges like tire jumps, balance beams, and tunnels. See who can complete the course the fastest.

5. Capture the Flag

Capture the Flag is a fun and strategic outdoor game. Divide into teams and try to capture each other's flags while defending your own.

6. Nature Walks

Take a leisurely stroll and enjoy the great outdoors with a nature walk. See who can spot the most birds, flowers, or other natural wonders.

7. Water Games

Beat the heat with water games! Try water balloon toss, water gun fights, or even set up a DIY slip 'n slide.

8. Frisbee Games

Grab a frisbee and head outside! Play classic games like catch, frisbee golf, or try more advanced games like KanJam or frisbee football.

9. Orienteering

Test your navigation skills with orienteering! Create a course with checkpoints and see who can complete it the fastest.

10. Night Games

Get out the flashlights and enjoy the outdoors at night! Play games like flashlight tag, glow-in-the-dark Frisbee, or set up a nighttime scavenger hunt.

So, which outdoor game will you try first? Get outside and get moving!

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