Black Jeopardy Online

4 min read Jun 20, 2024
Black Jeopardy Online

Black Jeopardy Online: The Viral Sensation

What is Black Jeopardy Online?

Black Jeopardy Online is a popular online parody of the classic TV game show Jeopardy!, with a twist. Instead of focusing on general knowledge, Black Jeopardy Online tests contestants' knowledge of African American culture, history, and experiences. The online sensation has taken social media by storm, with millions of viewers tuning in to watch and participate in the hilarious and entertaining challenges.

Origins of Black Jeopardy Online

Black Jeopardy Online was created by comedian and writer, Gerry Doby, who was inspired by the lack of representation of African American culture in mainstream media. Doby wanted to create a platform that celebrated and showcased the unique experiences and perspectives of the Black community. The online show premiered in 2019 and has since become a viral sensation, with millions of views and a dedicated fan base.

How Does it Work?

Black Jeopardy Online is played in a similar format to the classic Jeopardy! game show. Contestants are presented with a series of categories related to African American culture, history, and experiences. Categories range from "Black History" to "Hip-Hop Lyrics" to "African American Literature." Contestants must respond to the questions in the form of a question, with the correct response being "What is [answer]?"

Controversy and Criticism

Not everyone is a fan of Black Jeopardy Online. Some critics have accused the show of being divisive and perpetuating stereotypes about African Americans. Others have criticized the show for its perceived lack of diversity, with some categories being too focused on African American culture. However, supporters argue that the show provides a much-needed platform for underrepresented voices and experiences.

Impact and Legacy

Black Jeopardy Online has had a significant impact on popular culture, inspiring countless memes, GIFs, and social media challenges. The show has also sparked important conversations about representation, diversity, and cultural sensitivity. As a result, Black Jeopardy Online has become a cultural phenomenon, with many regarding it as a beacon of hope for greater diversity and inclusion in mainstream media.


Black Jeopardy Online is more than just a parody of Jeopardy! - it's a movement. By celebrating and showcasing African American culture, history, and experiences, the online show has sparked a much-needed conversation about representation and diversity. Whether you're a fan or a critic, there's no denying the impact and legacy of Black Jeopardy Online.